Understanding On Stay in Modeling: Campaign and Fashion Week Explained

Fashion weeks and campaigns are thrilling times in the modeling biz. Models are required to stay on during these events, known as “on stay.” This means they must be available for designers, photographers, and brands. It ensures they are present for fittings, shoots, runway shows, and other fashion-related activities.

During these times, models are highly sought after. They bring the designer’s vision to life by walking the runway or posing for photos. They must be at certain spots at certain times throughout the event.

It takes flexibility and adaptability to be on stay. Models may need to travel between cities or countries, and accommodations are provided by agencies. They must maintain a professional attitude and follow instructions from designers and photographers.

In addition to modeling, they do press interviews and attend exclusive events related to the brand. This helps to build their own personal brand.

Being on stay takes dedication, hard work, flexibility, and professionalism. Presence is key for showing new collections and networking with industry professionals.

Gigi Hadid, for example, has been known to be on stay multiple times during various fashion weeks around the world.

What is an “on stay” for modeling during a campaign and fashion week?

An “on stay” is a special term used in the modeling industry. It’s when models are required to live and work in one location for a fashion event or campaign. They must stay close to designers, photographers, and stylists.

Agencies or clients provide accommodations, transport and meals for the models. This way, they’re ready for fittings, rehearsals, and shoots. Models must be flexible and able to handle last-minute changes.

On an “on stay“, models don’t have much freedom. All their time is focused on the assignment. They must stay professional and get enough rest.

On stays give models the chance to network. They meet people who could be useful for future collaborations. For this reason, it’s important to make a good impression.

The concept of “on stay” started at early fashion weeks. Designers understood they needed models to be around for the whole event. So, agencies began implementing on-stay arrangements. Now it’s a standard practice during campaigns and fashion weeks.

Importance of “on stays” in the modeling industry

The modeling world is fast-paced and glamorous. “On stays” are key to making campaigns and fashion weeks successful. They have many benefits!

Models often have to travel a lot. On stays provide them with a home away from home. This saves time and makes sure they are well-rested and ready to work their best.

Plus, on stays are great networking opportunities. Industry professionals come together in one place, so models can meet photographers, designers, stylists and more. They can use this to build relationships, make new contacts and get future collaborations.

On stays also have shaped the modeling industry. Naomi Campbell’s career started at an on stay during London Fashion Week 1981. Fashion scouts noticed her talent and she became a big success.

How “on stays” work

In the speedy modeling and fashion world, “on stays” are key to the success of events like fashion week. On stays refer to when models live somewhere for a project or event. Let’s look closer!

We’ll study the table:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Models Project Duration

Column 1 has the models working on the event. Column 2 is the project and Column 3 is the time frame. This helps organizers with schedules and making sure models are available.

It’s important to note some details about on stays. Models may be away from home for days or weeks. So, they must quickly adjust and stay focused on their work. Plus, communication between organizers and models is essential to deal with unexpected issues.

Pro Tip: It’s great for models to know local resources before their stay to make it a better experience.

Now that we know how on stays work in the modeling industry, professionals can manage projects effectively and make sure models are comfortable and available. So when you see a fashion show or campaign, remember “on stays” are responsible for those beautiful faces!

Benefits and challenges of “on stays”

Stays – also known as stayovers – are when models stay at a certain place while doing fashion and campaign projects. It brings both benefits and troubles that all should know of. Here’s a look at them:


  1. Easy access to multiple sites.
  2. Saving money on accommodation.
  3. Strengthen teamwork.


  1. Limitation of freedom.
  2. Burning out.
  3. Privacy issues.

On stays provide comfort. Modeling can go to many places without the hassle of finding lodging or commuting every day. It also saves expenses since there’s no need to book hotels or rentals for long projects like fashion weeks.

Plus, there’s strong teamwork. Staying close encourages collaboration and communication, in turn leading to a successful event.

But, there are challenges. Models may feel limited being in one place for a long time. And, there’s potential burnout with many back-to-back events. Plus, personal space can be at stake which affects privacy.

So, to use the advantages of on stays while avoiding the troubles, it’s important to balance work and well-being. Enhancing privacy, scheduling some free time, and taking care of yourself are key to a healthy career.

Enjoy the experience and bonding opportunities of on stays! Take on the troubles with resilience and adaptability. They’ll help you grow as a model.

Tips for managing “on stays”

Navigating “on stays” during campaigns and fashion week can be tricky. Here are some pro tips:

  • Prepare ahead: Look into the location, timetable, and logistics before to ensure a great on stay.
  • Pack thoughtfully: Sort your stuff and bring the essentials for touch-ups and emergencies.
  • Stay healthy: Take care of yourself with a proper diet, exercise, and rest.
  • Network wisely: Use on stays to meet industry professionals and gain career benefits.
  • Be flexible: Understand that plans can change, and adjust quickly.
  • Maintain professionalism: Show up on time, listen to instructions, and stay positive.

For even better on stays, consider these details:

  • Plan out transportation beforehand.
  • Keep important contacts accessible.
  • Know local customs to avoid confusion.

During New York Fashion Week, a model’s flight was delayed due to bad weather. Despite this, she handled her on stay well by staying in touch with her agency, arranging alternative transportation fast, and still wow-ing on the runway. This proves how important it is to stay adaptive and resourceful in managing on stays successfully.


This post discussed the concept of an on stay for models during campaigns and fashion weeks. We learnt that this is the time when models stay at a certain spot for the events.

We considered the importance of having an on stay to make sure that models are available and convenient. We also looked at the arrangements made – such as accommodation and transportation – to make the process smoother.

Benefits of an on stay were outlined, too. Models can quickly show up for fittings, rehearsals and other activities. This helps communication between the models and clients, and leads to a successful campaign or fashion week.

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