How to Start a Plus Size Modeling Portfolio: Step-by-Step Guide

Plus size modeling can be an exciting and empowering journey. Show your unique beauty and body positivity, and defy societal norms! But how do you get started? This guide will help! Here are the essential steps to kickstart a plus size modeling career and create a stunning portfolio that industry pros will love.

  1. Educate yourself about the industry. Learn about commercial, editorial, and runway modeling – and decide which works for you.
  2. Curate your portfolio. Pick high-quality photos that show your versatility as a model. Include headshots, full-body shots, and different poses and expressions.
  3. Add materials that show your skills and potential too. Videos of runway walks and promotional campaigns work great. Make sure they’re professional and creative.
  4. Find representation. Look for agencies that specialize in plus size models. Submit your portfolio. Don’t be discouraged if you get rejected. Keep refining your portfolio until you find the perfect fit!

Understanding Plus Size Modeling

Plus size modeling is a thriving industry that celebrates diversity and body positivity. Here are 5 key points about it:

  1. Empowerment: It shows the beauty & confidence of fuller figures, challenging beauty standards.
  2. Inclusivity: Unlike traditional modeling, plus size modeling includes all body types.
  3. Professionalism: Just like any other modeling career, plus size models need posing, runway walking & photography skills.
  4. Building Confidence: Plus size models need self-assurance & resilience inspiring others to love their bodies.
  5. Industry Growth: Demand for plus size models is on the rise, with more opportunities in the fashion world.

Plus size fashion shows are popular too. They highlight special trends for curvier bodies, inspiring creativity & challenging beauty conventions.

Pro Tip: Showcase your uniqueness & individuality when creating your portfolio. Show confidence & versatility, and let your personality shine through.

Benefits of Having a Plus Size Modeling Portfolio

Having a Plus Size Modeling Portfolio has many advantages. It can help you to succeed in the fashion industry. Here are the benefits:

  • Demonstrating your aptitude and variety as a plus-size model.
  • Gaining more exposure with a well-organized portfolio.
  • Showing commitment and professionalism.
  • Opening yourself up to runway shows, magazine spreads, campaigns, and more.
  • Connecting with other professionals.
  • Promoting body positivity.

Letting agents, brands, and clients know about your personal style or experience can make your portfolio even better.

For instance, your signature walk, or a speciality within the plus-size modeling industry.

Start building your plus-size modeling portfolio now.

Showcase your talent with confidence.

Take that first step to begin your fashion journey.

Don’t let fear stop you – make your own path and let your portfolio show your potential.

Steps to Start a Plus Size Modeling Portfolio

Ready to become a plus-size model? Take these steps to get started:

  1. Decide what type of modeling you want to do, like fashion, commercial or glamour.

  2. Find a professional photographer experienced in plus-size modeling.

  3. Build a wardrobe of different outfits that show off your style and body shape.

  4. Get professionally measured to make sure sizes are accurate for photoshoots.

  5. Practice poses that flatter your figure and facial expressions to express versatility.

  6. Connect with other professionals in the industry, and create an online portfolio.

Also, look into casting calls, local fashion shows, and plus-size modeling workshops or classes. Be committed to improve and embrace every opportunity.

Don’t wait – start building your portfolio now and make a name for yourself as an inspiring plus-size model! Seize the chance and take action!

Tips for Success in Plus Size Modeling

Plus size modeling can be a fulfilling career for many. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Confidence is key – love your body and be confident!
  2. Professionalism counts – stay positive and punctual.
  3. Plus, build a strong portfolio that shows off your versatility.

Networking is important too – attend events, and connect with people on social media. Follow blogs, magazines, and social media accounts related to this industry.

Don’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals. Take action now and start building your portfolio. Embrace the possibilities in plus size modeling!


When it comes to plus-size modeling portfolios, there are several aspects to consider. We explored the steps involved in creating a successful portfolio. Now, let’s take a look at our final thoughts.

We highlighted the importance of finding a photographer who understands plus-size fashion. This is essential for capturing stunning images that flatter your curves and personality. We also discussed choosing outfits that reflect your body shape and style. By curating your clothing choices, you can create a diverse portfolio.

Branding is a crucial part of the modeling industry. Developing a personal brand can set you apart and attract potential clients. Create a portfolio website and engage with followers on social media. This can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Confidence is key for plus-size modeling success. Embrace your body with pride and exude self-assurance in photoshoots and casting calls. The modeling industry is becoming more inclusive and diverse. By being confident, you inspire others and contribute to this positive change.

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