Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Plus Size Modeling and Achieve Success

Plus-size modeling can be a great adventure! Show off your beauty and defy industry standards. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience in the world of modeling, this article will give you tips to begin your career.

Passion, determination, and confidence are key. Believe in yourself and your body – beauty comes in all sizes. Research modeling agencies that focus on plus-size models. Send a portfolio of professional photos that show your features and how you can change up your look.

Make sure to build an online presence. Post content that reveals your personality and style. Connect with followers, collaborate with like-minded people or brands, and use hashtags that link to the plus-size community.

Networking is essential, too. Go to plus-size fashion events, workshops, or seminars and talk to people who know about the industry. Make meaningful connections and ask questions.

Don’t let fear stop you! Take chances and apply for auditions or castings even if you don’t think you fit the criteria. Every rejection brings you closer to the right opportunity.

To begin your career, have faith in yourself and stay persistent. Show off your uniqueness every step of the way and break the rules. With hard work, you could redefine beauty standards for future generations of plus-size models.

What are you waiting for? Start today and take that leap of faith – you never know how far your career could go!

Understanding Plus Size Modeling

Plus size modeling is a growing industry that stands for diversity and inclusivity. To reach success, potential models must know its specific demands.

  • Body positivity: Celebrating all body types, plus size modeling encourages self-confidence and supports curves.
  • Industry standards: Knowing size categories and measurements is crucial for success.
  • Representation matters: This industry gives opportunities to underrepresented people, changing traditional beauty norms.
  • Professionalism: Punctuality and a positive attitude are necessary, as with any modeling job.
  • Social media: Platforms like Instagram can help plus size models showcase their talent to a bigger audience.

Though passion and dedication are critical, having a supportive community of other models and mentors can boost the journey.

Age and background don’t restrict success in plus size modeling. Betty, for instance, was 50 when she chose to pursue her dream of becoming a model. She had lived much of her life feeling insecure about her body. With friends’ support and an experienced mentor’s help, Betty started her plus size modeling path. Her story is a source of inspiration for those who doubt themselves.

Getting Started in Plus Size Modeling

To get started in plus size modeling, equip yourself with the necessary tools. Research plus size modeling agencies, prepare a portfolio and resume, attend casting calls and auditions, and build a professional network. These steps will pave the way for success in your plus size modeling career.

Research Plus Size Modeling Agencies

To become a plus size model, researching agencies is crucial. Here are 3 tips to get you started:

  1. Look for agencies that specialize in representing plus size models. They have better connections and can give guidance and opportunities.
  2. Check out their track record and client portfolio. If they have placed models in magazines, fashion shows and campaigns, they are more credible.
  3. Research the agency’s requirements and submission process. Following their guidelines will improve your chances of getting noticed.

Networking is also important. Attend events, talk to other models and professionals, and stay active on social media platforms dedicated to plus size modeling.

Be professional and determined. Rejection is part of the industry so don’t give up!

Recently, Marie Claire magazine reported a rise in demand for plus size models due to wider inclusivity in fashion.

Prepare a Portfolio and Resume

Creating a portfolio and resume is vital for any person entering the plus-size modeling world. This crucial step allows aspiring models to show their skill, expertise, and remarkable qualities. Here are three points to think about when forming your portfolio and resume:

  • Pick high-quality photos that exhibit your best features, both in full-body shots and close-ups. These images must show your versatility as a model plus communicate confidence and professionalism.
  • Include applicable data such as your measurements, clothing size, experience in the business (if any), and any specific talents or training you possess. Don’t neglect to mention any publications or brands you have worked with.
  • Take into account hiring a professional photographer or working with an experienced friend who can capture your spirit effectively. Remember that the goal is to present yourself in the best possible way.

Plus, make sure your portfolio is arranged, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. You want prospective clients or organizations to be able to quickly evaluate if you are suitable for their projects.

Also, it can be helpful to make both physical and digital versions of your portfolio to appeal to different audiences and settings. A physical portfolio can make an impression during face-to-face meetings or casting calls, while a digital version permits effortless sharing via email or online platforms.

As a pro tip, often update your portfolio with new photos and experiences to show your growth as a model. Always strive for improvement by looking for remarks from industry pros or participating in workshops and seminars related to plus-size modeling.

Keep in mind that your portfolio and resume are potent tools that can open doors in the challenging world of plus-size modeling. Spend time assembling an impressive presentation of yourself that displays not only your beauty but also your professionalism and commitment.

Attend Casting Calls and Auditions

Casting calls and auditions are important for plus size modeling. These give models the chance to show off their talents and possibly land a gig. Here are some points to remember:

  1. Prepare: Have an up-to-date resume, professional headshots, and portfolio of your best work.
  2. Dress: Be stylish and stick to industry standards. Don’t wear too much, but make a statement.
  3. Confidence: Step into the audition room with confidence. Modeling needs people who can draw attention and project confidence.
  4. Open-minded: Casting calls often require models to fit specific criteria. Be ready to take direction and be versatile.
  5. Network: Attend casting calls to network with industry people, like photographers, designers, agents, and models. Relationships can lead to future work.

Also, casting calls may vary. Research or reach out for details.

True Fact: Ashley Graham was the first curvy model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2016. (Source: Vogue).

Build a Professional Network

Network-building is a must for anyone aiming to break into the plus size modeling industry. With an impressive network, you can get linked to photographers, designers, and agencies that specialize in plus-size fashion. This will open doors to exciting possibilities and assist you in establishing yourself as a successful plus size model.

To expand your network even more, take part in:

  • Industry events: Attend fashion shows, industry parties, and networking events. It’s a great chance to show your talent and make valuable connections.
  • Social media: Follow photographers, designers, stylists, and other industry professionals on social media like Instagram and LinkedIn. Interact with their content by liking, commenting, and sharing their work in order to form relationships.
  • Collaborations: Reach out to photographers or designers whose work you admire. Suggest creating awesome imagery together. This will help you enlarge your portfolio and gain recognition.
  • Model agencies: Become signed with a reliable modeling agency that focuses on plus size models. They have contacts and expertise that can boost your career.

Moreover, join online communities like forums or Facebook groups exclusively created for aspiring plus size models. These will give you access to experienced models and industry professionals.

Remember, it’s not just about making connections; it’s about forming relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Remain active in contacting potential collaborators and keep in touch regularly with those in your network.

Don’t miss out on the amazing potentials that the plus size modeling world has to offer. Begin developing your professional network now and let your talents shine!

Tips for Success in Plus Size Modeling

To achieve success in plus size modeling, follow these tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, developing confidence and self-image, and navigating the plus size modeling industry.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Plus size models need to have a healthy lifestyle to be successful. Eating balanced meals full of nutrients and being active helps them keep their optimal shape. Exercise helps manage weight and it also boosts self-confidence and general well-being. To keep a healthy mindset, practice self-care and stress management. Remember to stay hydrated and get enough rest – they both are very important for a healthy lifestyle.

Pro Tip: Mental health is just as important as physical health. Do self-care activities like meditation or hobbies to stay positive and improve your overall well-being.

Developing Confidence and Self-Image

To be a successful plus-size model, confidence is essential. Believe in yourself and accept your unique image. Don’t let society’s standards control how you feel about yourself. Instead, think of your strengths and the qualities that make you special.

Having a positive mindset is key. Find people who will encourage and inspire you. Self-care can also help build your confidence. Allow yourself some ‘me-time’, do things that make you happy, and love yourself.

Accept that you don’t have to fit the idea of ‘perfection’. Embrace what makes you unique and recognize that beauty comes from within. Confidence will shine through when you believe in yourself.

Navigating the Plus Size Modeling Industry

Plus size modeling can be a tricky, yet rewarding path. Here are some tips to help you be successful:

  1. Love your body: One of the most crucial parts of being a plus size model is loving your figure. If you show confidence in yourself and your appearance, it will show in your pictures and on the catwalk.
  2. Work with reliable agencies: It is very important to pick a company that focuses on plus size modeling and has a good track record. This guarantees you the best chances and clients.
  3. Build an impressive portfolio: Your portfolio is your calling card in the modeling world. Have a range of different looks, styles, and poses that demonstrate your versatility as a model. Spend time creating amazing pictures that show your beauty.
  4. Connect with industry pros: Go to events, fashion shows, and networking opportunities to meet photographers, designers, makeup artists, and other professionals in the industry. These relationships can open up future doors.
  5. Stay healthy: Taking care of your physical and mental health is important for plus size models. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, manage stress, and practice self-care.
  6. Know trends: Know what’s happening in the plus size modeling industry. This knowledge will help you get relevant campaigns and stay competitive.

Remember that perseverance is key. The journey to success may not be easy, but if you stay committed and work hard, you will reach your goals.

By following these tips, you can move through the plus size modeling industry confidently and increase your chances of success. Love yourself, work with great agencies, have a great portfolio, network with industry experts, look after yourself, and know trends – this will help you do well in this exciting field. So go ahead and chase your dreams in the world of plus size modeling!


Plus size modeling can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. With the right guidance, you can head down the path to success.

Dedication, self-confidence & belief in yourself are necessary for making it in this field. We’ve gone over steps to help you get there.

Remember, each individual’s journey is exclusive. Some may find success quickly, while others may face difficulties. No matter what, stay determined and concentrate on your goals.

Take Jenna for example. Jenna is an aspiring plus size model, who got a lot of rejections before her 1st big campaign. She never gave up though. She kept training and made connections with industry professionals. Eventually, she caught the attention of top agencies and brands. That was her payoff for her hard work.

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